Shenzhen Sunning Tension Industrial Co., Ltd.

Our Story
Shenzhen Sunning Tension Industrial Co., Ltd.
Our company is located in the modern capital city of Shenzhen, which is known as the capital of design. Today’s mobile phone is not just a tool of communication, it has become a collection of music, video, games, video, Internet and other entertainment handheld Computer, its powerful function need enough Power and Tools support.

We customized protection, storage, energy and other types of products for your love phone, such as usb cables, adapter, phone case, car charger.

we have a strong production capacity for private tooling models to meet your product demands. Even if we start large-scale production, we always keep our eyes on the quality.

our products have passed the Euro CE and Rohs certifications. After several years of development, we have with some foreign large mobile phone accessories mall, retail stores and online stores to establish a long-term business relationship,we can provide the competitive price and guaranteed service for every customer.

All orders in our factory is 100% inspection: raw material, Voltage test, current test and aging test.